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April 1, 2022

Hi! We’re Cori and Kiera.
Welcome to our journal where we look back on some of our favorite weddings! We always find something we love about every wedding, and some of those stories just need to be shared! Take a look and see if there might be something that will help you as you plan your own wedding day. 

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We wanted to take a moment to say “Hello!, Hi!, Hey!” Since this is our journal we thought this would be a good space to tell you a little about how we feel about what we do.

At any given wedding, we photograph the bridal party, the bride and groom, and the family. We also photograph toddlers playing peek-a-boo, yawning kids, proud parents with love-filled and watery eyes, stolen kisses, family heirlooms, shy and secretive smiles, nervous giggles, and details like flowers, the lace of a bride’s veil, the groom’s tie or socks, and the wondrous beauty found in Catholic churches. This is our job. We observe relationships, events, and details, and try to capture it all with our lenses.

The most important thing we do, though, is to foster and photograph relationships. We want to capture a couple’s relationship, almost like it’s a third person in the photo. We want the personality of the couple to come through in our images, whether they’re playful, loving, funny, warm, or formal. Similarly, we want to photograph the strong bonds of couples with their families. We don’t just want a picture of a bride and her mother, we want a picture of the bride, her mother, and the love between them. We don’t just want to capture Dad, we want to capture the pride Dad has in his child. It is a privilege to be allowed to see all these connections but also to build our own relationships with our clients.

On their wedding day, a couple lets us into their lives in an incredibly personal way, and it is an enormous honor. We get to be there while the bride is getting ready and her mom helps her to get dressed for the last time. We are there to see the groom’s emotions as his wife-to-be walks up the aisle toward him and as they take their vows, the moment their lives are changed forever. We are present for their first steps as husband and wife, for their eager and joyful kisses and the excited relief that finally, finally, they’re married. When a couple not only lets us into their lives to this degree but welcomes it, we are honored and truly enter into the emotions of the day with them. We’re excited, stressed, nervous, and overjoyed too. We are invested not just in the photos but in you, our couples, our friends, and we feel a connection to you long past the cutting of the wedding cake and first dances. You will always be our couples, and we will always love you and the gift you have been to us. You let us into your lives and in return, we let you into our hearts.

With so much love,

Cori and Kiera


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